merk ilmoit suosikiks oh yes. We befriend and make the world a better place our children too (americas) piilota tämä ilmoitus tuo esiin

Give me a hand to land a generous soul who will be instrumental in the creation of a grand example of what works.
Our pretty world is sadly not doing so pretty things. We are not raising quality and vital life skills in
educational process for academic study. We have thousands of years of medical study, yet common
cold is far too common. Vaccinations are highly suspect, etc. We have all matter of diversity, great
division of humanity. We are super spirit souls with talents and skills that will eventually create the
space of less crime less war, less incest, less garbage living, less stress, less mess.. Life will then
evolve to a world of peace, we needs be creating the physical space formulating the future goal of
world wide peace and those with open hearts will make this manifest. If your inner light is on fire
to create such a space send a note to express your interest..

The homes will be domes-- sounds of round-- with sweet energy so you sleep less and wake up super
rested and content. To evolve into a super healthy environment with a major university teaching multiple of
languages, and life skills advanced teachings. Later a growing foundry, and lab for testing and research on
matters of living an advanced health program, and life extension. For the moment we raise some funds in
cottage industries and with your hand, InshaAllah we expand.

The goals will be shared in private, tho may you know, our endeavor will include a village with
families living in the quiet of the woods with coherent co creating and co operative sharing in
huge organic greenhouses, homes of dome>>all houses overbuilt round with curves so energy can easy flow
and those sleeping inside will have greater health, stronger endurance and stay well ---email us just a few words
am ready to hear from those with open heart and sincere.
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